Delivery and payment information for the product

  • Delivery time:
    • 1-2 working days in the regional centers of Ukraine;
    • 3-5 working days in remote settlements of Ukraine (villages, suburbs, etc.);
    • Delivery time is indicated subject to availability.
  • Delivery methods:
    • delivery to “the New Post office”;
    • address delivery to the entrance of a multi-storey building;
    • address delivery to the gates of a private home.
  • Lifting to the floor:
    • please clarify the possibility of lifting to the floor when placing an order;
    • very important! Tell the manager if there is a freight elevator in the house;
    • lifting is charged extra.
  • Shipping cost:
    • shipping costs depend on the weight and dimensions of the item;
    • the exact cost will be reported to you by the manager, having placed the order and selecting the city where necessary deliver;
    • we will give a good discount on shipping thanks to our special rates companies.
  • Memo on receipt of purchased products:
    • check the packaging for chips and scuffs;
    • make sure that the product is equipped with the necessary accessories and fasteners;
    • be sure to inspect the glass details very carefully;
    • in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, you can only claim goods under fully transferring it to you.
    • please review your order immediately in the presence of the freight forwarder.

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